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Top 9 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Why are programming languages to learn and what are programming languages? Programming languages are the instructions that tell computers how to perform tasks. There are many different types of programming languages, each with its own unique syntax and features. Each programming language has its own set of rules and conventions that dictate how programs should be written.
Programmers use different programming languages to develop software programs, scripts, or other sets of instructions for computers to execute. It is basically an artificial language that can be used to control the behavior of a machine, particularly a computer.

Let’s examine some statistics from GitHub, which hosts over 100 million repositories. 1.1 billion contributions were made by 31 million developers from throughout the world. The top nine languages over the last few years in terms of usage and significance are shown in this data. Programming languages have a vital role in today’s technology that makes it important to learn but choosing the right language is quite difficult. That is why today we are going to discuss these 9 programming languages to learn in 2022.


Brendan Eich created JavaScript in 1995. JavaScript isn’t connected to Java despite its name. However, the term is derived from the syntax, which is similar to Java. JavaScript is a language used to create web browser-compatible code. It is particularly utilized to create responsive and dynamic websites.

In 2016, the average salary for a JavaScript Developer was $93,515 per year according to Indeed.com. That’s over $10k higher than the average salary for a Java Developer ($81,934). It might be possible that some frameworks fail soon, and some see remarkable growth. But there is no chance that JavaScript will lose its position as the most used language. So if you want to make some serious money by programming, then JavaScript is where you should start!


Python Guido Van Rossum began developing Python in the Netherlands in December 1989 as a replacement for the ABC programming language after coming up with the idea in the late 1980s. Python is frequently used for creating software and websites, automating tasks, analysis, and visualization of data. It is also used by numerous non-accountants, for example, use programmers to organize funds on a daily basis.

In the US, an entry-level Python developer typically earns about $78,176 annually.

Python is and will always be a reliable programming language. Yet it is regarded as excellent for deployment automation and development of websites. In addition, Python is a popular choice among programmers because it is simple, easy to learn, open source, and cost-free.


Java was developed by a team led by James Gosling who is known as the
founding father of Java back in the 1990s. Applications can be created in Java for a variety of platforms. Such as desktops, servers, mobile phones, tablets, Blu-rays players, and web browsers all use Java, and developers can write Java-based applications for any of these platforms.

The average salary for a medium-level Java developer in the US is around $98,066 per year.

Due to its security and robustness, organizations prefer working in the Java environment. The demand for Java developers is certainly high. Java has and will continue to have a perfect future ahead. Software like IDM, internal cloud software, etc. has been built using Java. They will continue to use them going forward because it has taken years to construct. This means Java language is not a bad option to learn in 2022.

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C# is a language developed in the year 2000 by Microsoft’s Anders Hejlsberg, a Danish software engineer with a history of popular creations. C# is frequently used to create desktop, online, and web service applications. It is widely employed in the production of programs for Microsoft. Unity’s game development also employs C#.

The average salary for an average C#.net Developer is $84,243 per year in the United States.

As the C# is developed by Microsoft so they are developing C# to meet the
evolving needs of developers and remain an in-state-of-the-art programming
language. They prefer language and performance improvements that
benefit all or most developers. Innovation will occur aggressively while being very careful to stay within the spirit of the language. In short, java has a great future.


Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP at some point in the year 1994. The first version used by others was available sometime in early 1995. PHP, (short for The open-source and general-purpose Hypertext Preprocessor (HTTP) is the most frequently utilized server-side scripting language with a primary focus on web development and app development that is dynamic. As one of the first server-side languages that could be integrated into HTML, it made it simpler to add without the need for all external files, to add functionality to websites.

An entry-level PHP developer in the US may expect to make about $80,000 per year on average. The future of PHP is primarily on web development. They are responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining websites and internet-based applications. According to research, PHP is used as the server-side language on 78.9% of all websites. Therefore, it won’t finish soon.


C++ programming language was developed by Bjame Stroustrup back in the early 1980s. The first official reference guide however was published in 1985. A general-purpose programming language called C++ has been used for game programming, software engineering, data structures, creating operating systems, applications, browsers, and more for almost 40 years.

The average salary for a medium-level C++ developer in the US is around $89,736 per year.
It will always be in use and have a history with the most popular software in the world, but that may be where assurance ends. But we can be certain that C++ will continue to be useful. It may continue to evolve and spread. So it will be good programming languages to learn.


Between 1972 and 1973, Dennis Ritchie invented the C programming language to construct utilities running on UNIX. C gradually gained popularity during the 1980s and remains very widely used and influential. C is mostly used to construct various operating systems and applications. Such as Windows, Oracle database, Git, and games. It is considered programming found in the process of learning any other programming language.

The average salary for a good C developer in the US is around $84,500 per year, with top earners making $139,000 annually. C is the primary language for embedded systems. C has a future in the industry where they need microcontroller programming. So, C will be around for the foreseeable future until a new language takes over it.

R Coding Language to Learn

The R language was developed by statisticians Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentlemen and was first introduced in 1993 as an implementation of the S programming language. R is a graphical and statistical programming language. Statisticians and data miners frequently use it for data analysis. It is a language for statistical computing and data visualizations used widely by business analysts, data analysts, and data scientists.

The average salary for an R language developer in the US is around $71,389 per year.
The future of R programming is promising and is trending now since it is a simple and easy language for people who are new to programming. A Data scientist records, stores, and analyzes data to draw meaningful insights from it. R is one of the most appropriate tools for handling data in an efficient manner.

Kotlin is One of the Best Programming Languages to Learn

JetBrains, a firm that develops software, invented Kotlin. It was open source from very early on. Kotlin is a cross-a platform programming language designed to develop apps. It is being used by more than 60% of professional Android developers that helps boost productivity, developer satisfaction, and code safety.

It may be applied to all forms of programming, including server-side, client-side, and Android. The average salary of a good Kotlin developer in the US is around $80,760 per year. The future is bright for Kotlin. This is because of many reasons. One of these reasons is because Kotlin is a modern programming language, meaning that it brings together all the best features of previous languages. While still having strong and advanced capabilities, Kotlin is still simple to learn.

Final Words the Top 9 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

In conclusion, the top 9 programming languages to learn in 2022 are Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, C++, C#, Kotlin, C, and R. These languages are popular, in demand, and powerful. They will help you build websites, mobile apps, and software. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, learning one of these languages is a good place to start.

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